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Our Expertise

All Hill Woodworks staff have 15 or more years of experience in casework, cabinetry, and countertops, and we deliver estimates quickly and accurately to meet your budget and schedule requirements.

Upon approval, our project management team will guide and oversee your project through our shop and out to your site for installation. All work is completed on site with the exception of special features, such as granite, quartz, or stainless steel countertops, that may be completed by an approved Hill Woodworks partner.

You can view, download, and print
our capabilities PDF here:


  • P-lam / wood cabinets
  • P-lam / solid surface countertops


  • Corian
  • Safety
  • ICRA


  • CNC Machine—For precision cutting of material 5’ x 12’, up to 2” thick. Materials cut include: plywood, solid wood, flakeboard, solid surface, MCP, MDF, and plexiglass.
  • Microvellum / AutoCAD System—Software used to create custom designs to customer specifications.
  • Brandt Edge Bander—Applies plastic laminate matching edge banding to cabinet doors.
  • Table and Panel Saws—For additional cutting capability.
  • Box Trucks—For delivery of casework to customer site.
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