Heavy traffic areas require exceptional durability and a pleasing, comfortable appearance. To achieve this, we combine lasting laminates, rich hardwoods and polished veneers.

Industrial and commercial environments demand special insight on materials, fabrication techniques, and the industry itself. The electronics and chemical industries, for example, require resilient work surfaces with rugged construction features.

We also stay up-to-date on regulations, like those underlined in the American‘s with Disabilities Act, to keep your project in accordance with the appropriate building codes.



Health Care and educational environments call for a pleasing yet durable design combined with an understanding of specialized materials and fabrication techniques.

Looking good is only half the story. Before any construction begins, we want to understand how the work area will be used and then design it with that purpose in mind.

Because of the public nature of the health care and educational environments, we also understand the importance of compliance with building codes, like those of the American Disabilities Act, and the privacy requirements of HIPAA.



The appearance of your store should create a pleasant atmosphere that attracts and invites customers inside. Hill Woodworks blends beautiful architectural design with the flexibility of Corian and the natural richness of veneer. The unique custom forms we create naturally engage a customers’ interest.

Along the way, extensive drafting and prototype capabilities make it possible for you to get the look and feel of the design long before production begins. Our designers involve you every step of the way; detailing the smallest of details on your retail casework.